Friday, April 13, 2007


There was a time in my young days when passing the window of a shoe shop, particularly in early springtime, was an utter impossibility for me. It was a time when my hard earned cash provided me with a new outfit each spring, summer, autumn and winter. These outfits became ‘Sunday best’. The purchasing was not complete until the hat; gloves, bag and shoes all matching, were chosen.

I am talking about the days where all well mannered young ladies attending any job interview arrived punctually wearing her hat and her gloves. On entering the interview room she stood until invited to sit down. When sitting she kept her knees together and not crossed, keeping her gloves on throughout the meeting! “Why?” I hear you ask. Taking off ones gloves was considered forward and gave the impression that you were there to stay! Gosh I am so glad that things have moved on since then.

Leaving that tangent, I come back to my topic of shoes. I am not quite in the ‘Imelda Marcos’ category but I do confess to several pairs of shoes. I like to keep them clean and place shoe-trees in them as soon as I take them off. This helps keep them in shape and good condition. When they have cooled off I store them in their boxes lined with tissue. I have shoes that were purchased eight or nine years ago and still they look like new. They have spent more time on my feet than in the boxes.

Yesterday I ventured out to look for a new pair of shoes to go with the outfit that Elly helped me choose for her wedding. I headed for Ballymena and McKillen’s a well known Footwear Emporium in these parts. I walked slowly past the goods on display and realised once more that age was catching up on me. On past visits I have found difficulty in choosing only one pair of shoes. This time I was saddened that nothing appealed to me – I came away empty handed. I did find another shop who had a pair in the colour I wanted but alas not in my size. They offered to call their other branches this morning to see if they had my size. A phone call in the last hour confirmed my hunch that I was out of Luck. I am back to square one.

Now in desperation I have searched the net and think I have found the very thing. I wonder if I posted them to Granny would she wear them for a day or two to break them in for me.

So what do you think lads, would these heels do something for you?


Nancy said...


I love those shoes. For YOU, not for me. They will be perfect for the wedding. I used to wear shoes like that but don't wear them anymore. I can't REMEMBER when I stopped wearing high heels. Maybe it's because my memory's not as sharp as it used to be and also, my memory's not as sharp as it used to be.

Dario Sanchez said...

Asides from making my heels sore, no, I don't think they would.

lingerie said...


K8 said...

It'd be quare'nd difficult to do the cha-cha in them brogues!!!! What's wrong with flip-flops?

grannymar said...

@dario I can just about imagne you in the pink pair!

@Nancy I have come down in the world, no high heels for me since I had my toes done about 15 years ago.

Now where did I put those 'pins'? If I put them back in the toes The might look well with Bells and beads on!

@k8 now I never thought of flip flops,

They might be better than the stilts! Can't afford to break my ankle!