Monday, July 02, 2007

A Message in a Bottle Part 2

Back in April I wrote a piece about ‘A Message in a Bottle’.

Today we have a little update! The system works!

Yes, on Friday I had reason to test it. A test nobody wants to have.

Following all the excitement of the wedding last weekend I spent the time since my return home lying low. I woke at around 5a.m. as usual on Friday, but tried to go back to sleep. I must have slept as I was awoken by the sound of the doorbell. Mark the Postman was all apologies for disturbing me. I signed his book and accepted a parcel. I still felt rather sluggish and fought against going back to bed. While thinking of Jack who often said “Bed! I am not going to bed. People die in bed!” I concentrated on making my breakfast.

By 10.15a.m. I knew I was in trouble and took my spray. Not having the desired effect I took it again and instead of improving things got worse. When my sight became blurred I called ‘999’. It is not the first time I have had to avail of their services. What a wonderful service they provide. Once I had given them all the information they needed, I was told me not to hang up and the man talked calmly and quietly to me until help arrived.

Within 4 minutes the Cardiac Car was here and I was wired up and put on Oxygen. The Ambulance was hot on the heels of the car and one of the men went straight to the fridge to get my ‘message in a bottle’. It gave him the information needed without me having to use up energy answering questions. He lifted my medication but refused me time to get night-gear or wash-bag.

It is at times like this I am glad to have a major hospital ten miles out the road. I was seen to immediately, injections and tests were started but since I was in the early stages of Hypothermia drawing blood was all the more difficult.

I was settled into a bed in the Cardiac Ward and was checked every 15 minutes. It took until 5p.m. to bring my temperature back to normal and for the pain to subside. The tests continued through the night and since the pain had not returned I was allowed home late Saturday afternoon. I still face tests but they will be as an out-patient.

Note to Bloggers: Do something about A Message in a Bottle!

Note to Self: Stop chasing Toyboys!


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh GM, how worrisome and what a brave little soldier you are!

Take care of you and I shower you with good wishes.

Anonymous said...

Grannymar! A young slip of a thing like you should have no bother snagging a handsome doctor to have in place of a message in a bottle?

Baino said...

Hi Grannymar. My first comment but I've had many visits, linked in via Grandad. Sorry to hear of your woes and hope you're back on your feet in no time. Maybe you can't chase those toyboys any more but you can park yourself in the midst of them - a cat can look at a king I say!

grannymar said...

Thank you for all the good wishes. The Toyboys can keep their distance for the moment, I need the heart to stay calm. Maybe next week.....

Grandad said...


Just ease back on the recreational drugs. Toyboys are OK. Weddings ae to be avoided for a week or two.

You are also to take the rest of the day off.

Dr. Grandad

Anonymous said...

I have a message for you, by the way!

robert said...

I hope you are feeling much better. It is good to know that the message in a bottle worked like it was supposed to. I'm thinking about my own grandmother now and I think I will act on it straight away.

grannymar said...

K8 Elly in all her finery will have to vacate my desktop!

Thank you Sean XXXX

Robert everyone who lives alone or has health issues should keep the message in a bottle. Remember to have the stickers inside the entrance hall as well.

John of Dublin said...

I'm just noticing this post now. Sorry for your troubles, I hope you are doing well. Good advise on the message in a bottle.

grannymar said...

Thank you JOD I am still feeling a little fragile.

The one good thing is it didn't happen the previous weekend and disrupt the wedding.

Brianf said...

I apologize for my late entry but please know you shall be in my prayers.
Now, get better and get back to your podcasting before I drive over there to Norn Iron.
I kinda' thought you sounded tired on the last one even though I enjoyed it.
Oops, silly me! I keep forgetting they haven't built that bridge across the Atlantic yet.

grannymar said...

Thank you Brian, I need the prayers!!!

You want a landbridge - Grandad is your man! ;)

I will start podcasting again soon... real soon!

Granny said...

Sorry to hear you've been through the mill. I've heard of other mums [in our age group] within a week of a daughters wedding. It's such a heady time.

Rest and more rest. That's what you need.

I wear a pair of clean knickers at all times as we never know the hour or the moment!!

grannymar said...

Granny its good to hear from you.

'Clean Knickers' reminds me of my mother and she always kept a new nightie in the drawer incase....!