Friday, July 06, 2007

Eight things you don’t know about me


nancy said...

Hello Grannymar,
I just listened to your podcast and enjoyed finding out the 8 things I didn't know about you.
Well, that's 8 things.How about the other 543 things I also don't know about you?

I guess I'll have to live another 30 years,too,to find out many more things you have done in your life and also see if Elly can fit into that bodice in 2037!!!!

grannymar said...

Nancy thats enough for the next ten years for anyone!

Baino said...

Well done Grannymar. You wouldn't like my house. It's full of rock music! (not mine I might add) And kudos for fitting into your wedding dress. Mine was dyed blue and worn to a Medieval dress up party by my 19 year old daughter because there's no way on earth I'm ever going to fit into it again:)

Anonymous said...

I tried to cook dinner once for my mum when she was sick... I sat for hours waiting for the spuds to cook in the water from the hot-tap! I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

I remember a teacher in school trying to teach us the different dialects of Irish. Northern Irish was like double dutch!