Sunday, May 13, 2007

I thought you had moved

This afternoon I met an acquaintance that I had not seen for months. His greeting was “I thought you had moved” The tone was almost as if he had said “Why are you still here”!

As I went on my way I tossed this over in my mind.

Was it time to really think of starting over somewhere else? If I did move where would I think of moving to? Dublin is not the place I left 30 years ago. I still have family and friends there but they, like me have moved on and have their own commitments and interests to fill their time. Would I see them any more than I do while living here in Northern Ireland?

It is not something to be hasty about so I will sleep on the matter and perhaps some suggestions from my blogging friends might throw some light on this situation.


Nancy said...

Hello Grannymar,

If you are serious about moving South, let me tell you about A wonderful opportunity I've just heard about. Sounds like just the ticket for both of us.
I have been contacted over the Internet with an offer to buy a beautiful condo in a spectacular building called Martello Towers on Ireland's Eye.It is situated in desirable and up scale Howth Harbor.The Internet vendor tells me they are building a bridge to Ireland's Eye and I should rush my down payment to Martello Towers so I can take advantage of the soar in property values that is sure to occur once the Towers are sold out. I can buy my unit for only 250,000 Euros.
Shall I send them the 25,000 Euro down payment now or should I wait for advise for both of us from readers of your blog?

grannymar said...

Howth is nice but I have never been to Ireland's eye.

I suppose like the rest of Ireland it has modernised

Dario Sanchez said...

*cough cough* ... Malta *COUGH COUGH*

Nasty cough that. Should I coufgh some reasons why?

grannymar said...


All coughs welcome!