Saturday, February 17, 2007

How Did You Meet Your Soul Mate?


ellybabes said...

He lived with a mate that he went to high school with, and I had gone to university with the same mate. I was looking for a job in that country, so it made sense to stay with them when I was there for interviews.

Three-hour phonecalls ensued and once I got the job, I moved in and got the man as well. 4.5 years later and we're still together and getting married in 4 months time.

However, do you really want to wear a hat for the wedding???

grannymar said...

No idea what I want to wear never mind if it warrants a Hat!

Hat or no hat we will have a great day! XX

Donncha said...

I met her at my cousin's wedding 3 years and one day ago. Across a crowded room she spotted me and my camera and enquired of my cousin who I was. To cut a long story short we had our first date about a month later and it was the best first date ever!
Now Jacinta's expecting our baby in about a week, oh how time flies when you're having fun!


grannymar said...

Donncha, I like to hear love stories like that.