Monday, February 19, 2007

Awards Ceremony

Oh Dear!, Now I am in trouble!

Jett Low has offered his services as Toyboy for the evening, but my Truelove


might feel very annoyed.

I am still looking for the bike, ah! I found it... I wonder if I can still do this....

Grandad has appointed me as his official Ambassador at the Alexander Hotel. I was never an Ambassador before. I better get a new outfit.

Will this do?


Grandad said...

Grannymar - you have my blessing.

I'm not the jealous type [though Herself is, so watch out!]

I love the outfit. It is just right for the occasion - stylish, but not to conspicuous.

Nice legs too! Is that from all the cycling?

grannymar said...

Grandad you tell Herself that I have her best interest at heart.

The legs were from last week, the cycling is giving me great big muscles!

I need the bike to get down to Dublin.

When do you think I should start out?